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3rd September 2014

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Sent this msg on MeetMe. Must check it out

20th August 2014

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12th August 2014

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Today Jensen wore some clothes and fandom lost its shit. (From Harpers Bazaar China)

12th August 2014


My hair came out a unique color is has so many colors in it that almost looks like fall puked on it haha

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30th May 2014


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Check out @TiAmoMILEY’s Tweet:

17th May 2014


Well, its time for me to start acting like an adult…its going to be difficult.

Well, its time for me to start acting like an adult…its going to be difficult.

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14th May 2014

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17th March 2014


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What’s your thoughts on self harm?

14th March 2014


7th March 2014


My Childhood is Dying, Tumblr.

Well, I’m becoming an adult in April and I notice all the crap I loved when I was younger are going away.

1. Daytona Middle School closed down. My dad, brother, sister, and I all went there.
2. Castle Rock caught on fire and destroyed the little arch I was going to get married under. Its going to take years for it to grow back.
3. Harry Potter is over.
4. Nicole Rodarte from the Knack died…which still makes me want to cry my eyes out.
5. The stores under the bridge are going to be torn down and turn into condos.

So all in all the road to adulthood sucks ass. Then I’m going to turn into one of those uncool moms even though I’m pretty damn awesome and become a zombie living off coffee and becoming a bitter grouch.

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